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Jennifer Mack is a self-taught makeup artist, blogger and beauty influencer hailing from the South Bronx. After beginning a career in corporate advertising it didn’t take long for her to realize that she wasn’t meant to sit behind a desk. Little did she know, a makeover at the MAC counter would change her professional outlook forever. Like most women, she began playing with makeup to evolve her look. She quickly began to see makeup as an extension of mood and personality and fell in love with its colorful power to transform. After toying with an unfulfilling corporate career, she left the boardroom to take her passion for creativity to the next level as a professional makeup artist.

Noticing a huge need to cater to women of color in the beauty industry, her platform Beauty by J. Mack shares the latest in makeup including tutorials, tips, product reviews, and inspirational content. While her main goal is to touch ALL women with positive messages of beauty and self esteem, she chooses to speak to this audience because there are still many women – particularly those with deeper skin tones – that feel intimidated by makeup. Not too long ago she was one of them. Although the beauty industry has made strides to be more inclusive, there are still women that simply feel left out. She hopes to help bridge this gap so that women of all skin tones can feel like makeup is fun and accessible.

Jennifer focuses on accentuating the natural beauty in every face and believes that an individual’s true beauty should always shine through. Her goal is to leave her clients feeling beautiful and confident. She’s worked on television, photo shoots, weddings and special occasions. Her inspiration comes from veteran artists such as Sam Fine, Danessa Myricks, Dany Sanz, Francesca Tolot and many others. She is currently an artist with Make Up Forever.

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