The Tapered Crochet Cut

I LOVE CROCHET BRAIDS! It has seriously upgraded my hair styling game. Instead of impatiently waiting for my hair to “grow a certain length” or sew in an uncomfortable weave, I now have the power to style my hair however I want. Long, short, kinky, curly, I can do it all!  It’s the most empowering hairstyle I’ve ever had and super low maintenance.

The tapered cut using the crochet method is a bomb hairstyle – hands down! I get to change it up with no real commitment, and I get so many compliments every time I rock it.  I first saw this style on Pinterest. The originator of this hair is Curlkalon. It’s on the pricier end of synthetic hair but they have beautiful curl patterns and color options. However the way my pockets are set up, I found a cheaper brand called Kimakalon and it worked beautifully. 

The key for a good tapered cut is of course the shape. You have to know what cut will suit your face shape and the mood you’re going for. A tapered cut can be edgey or sophisticated. It’s totally up to you and your shears. For this style I needed three different sized curls – small, medium and large. Before I started cutting I referenced my “Short Cuts” Pinterest board for inspiration. Also watched a few youtube tutorials. Here’s a glimpse at the medium curl: 

Some learnings from my dealings with this hairstyle:

  • You will need 6-7 boxes of hair. Sizes will depend on the style/shape desired however in general I’d recommend 3 small, 2 medium and 2 large. It’s what I used. 
  • Kimakalon lengths come in 10″ and 20.” I  used 10.” If you want something longer, go for it! 
  • While this is a great vacation hairstyle, larger curls are not good in water. It’s a bigger curl pattern so curls will loosen when wet and will not bounce back as well as the medium and small sizes. 
  • Hair lasts VERY well without bonnet but the better you protect it the more polished and longer the style will last. Don’t be lazy like me! 
  • Style lasts 4-6 weeks


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